Digital artist and coffee addict

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Heya! I'm Espresso

I'm a digital artist and caffeine addict who's been drawing for the better part of a decade. I love drawing all sorts of things, but usually it ends up involving cute boys in hoodies these days.

Commissions are open!

My tools:

  • Clip Studio Paint
  • Huion Kamvas GT-191

Commission Prices

Please not that these are base prices only. I may charge an additional cost for particularly complex or time-consuming commissions. Please see my terms of service for more information.

Basic Commissions

Type Flat Shaded

Flat color and simple shading


Colored, textured, and shaded more realistically


Head and shoulders, perfect for profile pictures!

$24 $30

Roughly half of a character, showing off a bit more

$32 $40

An entire character in all their glory

$40 $50

Multiple characters or a particularly complex scene

$60 $75


Tell your story

— Price varies

You provide a script and some character references, and I'll turn that script into an illustrated work of art.

Comics are priced per-panel at 75% of my basic commission prices.


Make it move

— Price varies

Animated works can range from simple loops to complex scenes.

Animations will be priced on a per-project basis depending on the scope of the project. All animations will be flat shaded.

Reference Sheet

Show off your character in style

— $90

Base price includes two drawings of your character in poses and outfits of your choice, along with some written details and a color library, allowing you to show off your character in detail.

Additional drawings and features are available for an extra cost. All reference sheets will be flat shaded unless otherwise requested.

PNGTuber Avatar

Become a PNGTuber!

— $75

Who wouldn't want to stream as their sona? The base price gets you one avatar state, which includes idle and speaking art, and blinking variants of both. Additional states may be added for $50 each, allowing for even more expressive avatars!

All avatars will be flat shaded unless otherwise requested.

Avatars are designed to work in veadotube mini, but the artwork should be applicable to any PNGTuber application.

Additional Information

I will draw:

  • All species, including furries, humans, fantasy races, aliens, etc…
  • OCs and fan characters, whether yours or mine
  • Fanart of certain characters (Ask me)
  • Suggestive poses and outfits
  • Implied / artistic nudity
  • Complex backgrounds and scenes
  • Light violence or gore
  • Some heavy topics and themes (Ask me)

I will not draw:

  • NSFW scenarios
  • "SFW" fetish content
  • Depictions of extreme violence or gore
  • Artwork promoting hate or discrimination
  • NFT characters



We will discuss your inquiry, settle on a price, and handle payment.

Sketch Phase

I sketch out the drawing, providing updates and making changes as necessary.


I submit the sketch to you for final changes and approval.

Drawing Phase

I work towards finishing the drawing, providing updates as necessary.


I present the final piece for last-minuted tweaks and approval.

What you get

At minimum, you will recieve your full-resolution file(s) in JPG or GIF format. Avatar commissioners will also recieve a .veadomini file for importing directly into veadotube mini.

Additionally, you may request:


If you'd like to inquire about a commission, or have any other questions about me or my work, please get in touch! I can be reached via email, or on Twitter, @EspressoTheWolf.

Please include:

Please ensure you have read and agree to my terms of service before submitting an inquiry.

Terms of Service

General Terms



Refunds and Cancellation

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